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The Longfellow PBIS Teams are made up of a Tier 1 Team and a Tier 2 Team. The Tier 1 team includes Internal Coach: Valerie Helm, Psychology Intern: Emily Shumacher and Teachers: Megan Djikas, Cheryl Sullivan, Carrie Wiezcorek, and Judy Murawski. The Tier 2 team consists of an Administrator, an Internal Coach, the School Social Worker, a representative from the primary grades,and a representative from the intermediate grades. The members of our Tier 2 team are: Administrator: Angela Dolezal Internal Coach: Valerie Helm School Social Worker: Canika Prescott Primary Representative: Scott Naber Intermediate Representative: Cat Clarke

Thursday, March 7, 2013

February Winners Announced

February my be our shortest month, but Longfellow was lllllllllooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg on good behavior! Here are a featured few of our Respectful, Responsible, and Safe Longfellow students who were lucky enough to hear their names called during the Friday Raffles.
Congratulations to the January  winners of the PBIS Friday raffles. Pictured are just a few of the lucky winners who were Safe, Responsible, and Respectful during January. Keep up the wonderful work!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

November and December Winners!

Look at all these wonderful winners! Pictured here are some of the many students at Longfellow who were Respectful, Responsible, and Safe during the months of November and December. These winners had their names drawn during one of our Friday PBIS raffles and won a prize. Congratulations, Longfellow winners!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Longfellow Bears PBIS Mural Complete

A beautiful mural, celebrating the "Bear Necessities" of Longfellow school, has been completed and now greets visitors to the second floor with it's bright colors and cheerful design. A small group of 4th Grade girls, Molly C., Maliana D., Lila S., Hannah K., Grace G. and Sophie R., came up with the design concept for the PBIS Mural. They worked with Maliana's mom and local artist Jen Skeffington, to create the design and do the initial base coat of paint. Jen and Longfellow art teacher Ms. Raia did the subsequent paint layers, shading and details. The result, as you can see here, is impressive!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Longfellow's roving mascot stops in the lobby to take a close look at the Bear Necessities drawn as winning entries in the September PBIS raffles. Future winners will be added to the honey pot as they are drawn. Such a sweet deal!

September Winners Honored!

Pictured above are just a handful of the many September PBIS raffle winners. We congratulated our Safe, Respectful, Responsible student winners!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Tier 1 Team!

The Longfellow PBIS program has grown and progressed to the point where we now have both a Tier 1 team and a Tier 2 team. Please join us in welcoming Emily Shumacher, Megan Djikas, Cheryl Sullivan, Carrie Wiezcorek, and Judy Murawski to the PBIS Tier 1 Team! Ms. Helm, our assistant principal and Internal Coach, will continue to serve on the Tier 1 team as well. The members of the Tier 2 team are: Valerie Helm, Angela Dolezal, Canika Prescott, Scott Naber, and Cat Clarke. We are looking forward to a wonderful, Safe, Responsible, and Respectful year at Longfellow!